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Apr 2015
Love me all the same
Love me all the same
I speak about my paradise like  its my own apocalypse
despising my own empty cranium
hold me  higher my love
dont ever let me go
I built empires on the sands of your mind
a grain out of place and civilizations  crumble and burn
love me all the same
love me all the same
you broken sonet
you fouled field
our pasts are fickle and ripe with pain
our falicies where religions decades ago and generations before
they where truths
whispered in hushed shadows
and murmured between soulless corpses
I am a drunk who rambles about sobriety
my dear love me all the same
please love me all the same
my feilds are cracked with fractures more then skin deep
the mountains in my mind are carved from the pebbles of the souls
ive crushed beneath my foot,
you have no idea the weight i carry withen myself
too much for a legion of mules to bare
but just enough weight to bend my sanity,
my dear i beg you
please love me all the same
Written by
Death-throws  hamilton, new zealand
(hamilton, new zealand)   
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