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Jul 2011
I've been stumbling for years
Without finding the part
the part that ignites my machine
I've been searchin' for something
that puts my engine in start
So I won't have to use gasoline

Is it something or someone
that has gentle hands
who will shift all my gears into go
'Til then I'll be lonesome
I have no strong bands
With people who tell me to do so

The streets I just walk
without intention or care
looking for stuff that is shining
Indifferent I look
As people badly fare
Looking for someone who's binding

But what can I tell you
I'm still laying in bed
Knowing that the day when I find it
That I cannot help it
When it sees only red
That I just can't rewind it
7th June 2011
Written by
William K Chee-awai
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