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Mar 2015
I see you in every sunset
In every curve and crack
I see you in every girl with messy hair
I even ******* see you in myself
I see you in everything good
Everything sad, everything wonderful
I see you in every silver lining
I see you in every cloudy day
You are my cloudy days
You are my sunsets, and I miss you
I see you in every stupid PT cruiser
Every mountain road
I see you when I sober up from panic
And I see you..
I see you when I'm high out of my ******* mind
And when I'm too drunk for my own good
I see you through bloodshot eyes and slurred words
I ******* see you everywhere
I see you when I don't even want to whisper your name
And I feel guilty for that
Because I love you
I love you so much
I see you in every laugh
Every strangled cry
And in every hysterical mess
And sometimes I want to rip my ******* eyes out
Because I see you when I want to be happy
And it makes me so, undeniably miserable
It's so irrevocably ******
I ******* adore you
And I don't want to go blind and forget you
I want to see you, and feel happy when I see you
And not wonder what I meant to you
I ******* love you
And I ******* miss you
I hope you loved me
I see you, darling
You're ******* everywhere
And I want you to be everywhere
I would just appreciate it if you could wear white
Instead of black
I'm working on it, love
I see you in every mistake
Every stupid joke
And in every Irish accent
I see your face through the tears
And I realize why I loved you so much
You're everywhere
Written by
   Yellow Boots
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