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Mar 2015
You've read my writings
But you don't know me
Maybe this is the first one you've read of mine
Or you've read much more
You've read me pouring my heart out
Words spilling out in abundance that reveal my fears, my hopes and dreams, my imagination, my hunger and yearning to be heard, my pain and sadness, my insatiable need for acceptance and acknowledgement

I've revealed things that I haven't told to some people I know
Maybe I feel safe in this public domain
For you don't know me
And we are never face to face

And I don't know you
But we are all flesh and blood
We all laugh and we all cry
We all bleed the same color
We all take our thoughts and put them to words
We've all written some of the same stuff
Have had the similar stories to share
Familiar words of hope and loss
Sadness and joy
Desire and regrets

We writers have an incurable quest for expressing our world
A search to find the meaning within
Our words prove that we are lived here
Like random people carving their initials in a tree
And though you don't know me
You and I can feel a kindred spirit
Of some sort
Dorothy A
Written by
Dorothy A
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