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May 2011
Sorrow-Filled Pillows*

Curled up in a ball, my emotions overcome all
I cry into the night, will this ever be alright?
I'm coming undone at the seams, yet this isn't a dream,
How did this come to be, all I want is you and me.

I'm afraid of the dark, of the lonely nights
My mind runs off, and my body's all alone.
10 months is too long, we've been apart forever
All I want is safety, all I want is your warmth.

Physically torn in two, though my heart beats as one,
No one here understands, no one here comforts
except the pillow full of sorrow-filled tears.
How can I make it, how can I stay strong.

So close yet farther away, I want you so bad
Hold me close, and I'll never let go
My fairy tale ending has it's beginning
but it's interrupted by my sadness
and falls

I miss you.

I know I start in one form then go to the other, but raw emotions took control over the rhyme scheme. <3
Colleen Brown
Written by
Colleen Brown  United States
(United States)   
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