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Feb 2015
Those yellow teeth have always been with you, he asked?
I try Blanch them, but nothing said.

Still and all  his heart and his emotions were more.

And happened when they met, the earth also turned to find them.

Somewhere in his memory, that distant question:
what  may I do with those dreams that you brought into my life?

Maybe continue with you, and maybe you should find your own answers, he said.

It is best to think, I come from the other side of your door, perhaps a new opportunity, to live your life from another evening and their stars.

Everything seems to indicate that he never caresses his hair.
Of course, he would like  to keep that detail in his memory and evoke it.
Like Proust, when dipped in his cup of tea the cupcake, and the indelible memory emerged from him.

Yes, the hours of the winter were insufficient.

Texts traveled from side to side of the city, although was snowing.

Any excuse was used to see each other. Every morning, afternoon or night, as  whole  existed for them.

And at dawn, when nearly frozen returning home, his wife read those messages while he was sleeping, and though comes from a girlfriend.

Everything seems to indicate that it was, what something else may think? Never in her mind  the idea that his husband were loved by a man.

Every minute that passed, each one lived and dreamed, the planet inhabited by two.

But as the day passes, it also drains the time, and is incessant understand, that  was the man with yellow teeth, who gave him the courage to open the doors of his life to the unstoppable force of love.

His wife and himself never wanted that it had happened and the man of yellow teeth either.
February 2015
Written by
oscarlevi  55/M/Saint Paul,MN
(55/M/Saint Paul,MN)   
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