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Feb 2015
When Ive first laid my feelings on you
My heart beats fast made for you
I know its something made for you
I know its something mysterious and new
Falling to a girl like you.

Many sleepless nights had passed
On my magical feelings i was trapped
Is that a true love or a crush
I hate that thinking its to much.

I don't understand why i feel these magical way
When I've heard that there's another boy
Who make you happy everyday
It almost breaks my heart day by day.

I've never to assume that much
Controlling my magical feelings is not enough
Truth really hurts and that's the fact
Deep inside I've thought you were be the last.

Now, there are things I'm sure
I've always there seeking you just like before
Your sweet smile feeds my magical soul
And that's the real thing i can't ignore .
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