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Apr 2011
When tomorrow comes,
It will be a time for reflection;
To think back to where I came from,
And ponder whether I took the right direction.

I have many doubts,
But I also have conviction,
That I will not just flare out,
And fall into dereliction.

And so, I implore you,
Think of yourself at this moment,
Ask, β€œWhat will I do?
What will I represent?”

During your hour upon the stage,
Will you be among the stars?
Proving wrong the writers of another age;
An example for others visible from afar.

Will you be the one to break down the walls,
Greater than any king?
Or will you be the one who falls,
Truly signifying Nothing.

Will you follow the Road Not Taken,
And make your own way?
Or will you fear being mistaken,
And let others fall astray?

When you feel Death’s cold embrace,
Will you remember your life with pride?
Or will your mind reel and race,
From the opportunities you let slip by?

So make your mark upon the world,
And make it no mystery;
That when that page comes unfurled,
It was YOU that made history.

With many things you can become,
I entreat you to tell me:
When tomorrow comes,
Who will you be?
Written by
Joshua Smith
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