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Jan 2015
The Moon

She tiptoed through the mountains that night
hoping she could find a place to hide.
She searched the convexities and crevices for shadows
where she could whisper her knowledge to the owls.
Her thoughts overwhelmed her-
Sour. Swirling. Hissing.
They pulled at her loose skin like the aggressive hands of a taffy maker.
Each thought that came to her in the shadows
with its horrendous, grotesque honesty,
she painted a little yellow dot upon the dark blue rocks.
The dot’s vibrancy was cold and distant,
but each bright freckle she counted upon the rocks,
reminded her of the end of blackness
and soon arising illumination.

The Sun

He emerged on the crest of the hills every morning
as he came into town from his work in the mines.
His lantern rested in the crook of his swollen shoulders,
growing brighter and brighter the closer he got home.
The dewy grass wiped away his ashy clothes,
revealing his warming pastel colors.
Some days, the hairs on his chin were thick and dark.
Some days they were thin, wispy, and white.
But this morning as his colors arose,
his jaw was as naked as a blue-eyed newborn.
He smiled blissfully at all the animals and at all the trees
as he trekked his way down the hill.
But just before the bottom,
he disappeared behind speckled blue rocks.

Blue Rocks and Yellow Dots

She panicked at the evanescence of her blue rocks and yellow dots.
They would return, but she always forgot.
Her blanketing shadows began to recede
as the sky turned to hues of orange and pink.
"Good Morning." he sweetly spoke.
He grabbed her hand before she scurried away.
"Oh, don't go! You need a hug!"
She groaned as the warmth ached her iced bones,
"Why must you always do this?" she said almost hissing.
She recoiled as his grip loosened.
He looked at her slightly offended, but his golden eyes softened as he told her,
"Because you are too lost in your head.
You scare yourself with the darkness
and hide yourself from others.
And don't even pretend that you don't treasure
these few moments we have together."
She looked down at her hands and started peeling off the yellow paint.
She could feel his lustful gaze burning into the top of her head.
She couldn't look at him anymore.
"Good Night," she uttered before she ran off to find the shadows again,
where she could be in the comfort of her
blue rocks and yellow dots.
This was copied and pasted so the format may have been compromised. My apologies.
Emelia Ruth
Written by
Emelia Ruth
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