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Apr 2011
Death Haunts

Death haunts me like a shadow
an excuse of sorts that jars my thoughts
always captures me unawares
Between the sheets of ghosts and the linen of things.
not that it matters I suppose we all have our day
that marked territory of Hades and Shoals
Those gateways that the boat somehow crosses between,
These are the images that bind us and **** us
Taking our last image and rendering it null and void
placing a memory of persona upon another's thought patterns
And leaving us bare to the cold and empty Hollows of death.
We can't do a ****** thing about it
amazing how we live this life trying to control all our horizons
Then to hit that final brick wall where nothing is controllable,
Nothing fits, just the silence wins the day, the hour, that moment.
Just like that second prior to conception, I wonder.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph
Alisdaire OCaoimph
Written by
Alisdaire OCaoimph
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