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Jan 2015
Heart thief, Dream crusher,
You fooled me,
disabled my defenses.

Invader with tortured eyes
I gave you the
keys to the kingdom

Why did I fall again
for a wounded heart
And a brilliant mind
And your silver tongue?

Why baby, what a big heart you have.
All the better to distract you with!
Why baby, what a rough past.
All the better to fool you!
What a great communicator
All the better to lull your suspicion...

You disappeared into the night
a bunch of empty promises
a mirage in the desert

Heart thief, soldier
in the night, hope assassin
just another man
who left too quickly
to see my tears

I hope I haunt you
that the desperate thump!
Thump! THUMP!
Of my heart
drives you mad

I hope you
notice the chips in
that treasure you stole

The scars where men
Deceived me like you
And dug nails into my
once-soft heart

I hope....
you come back
And lie to me
convince me there was a reason...

Drug me into
the blissful submission
that was our potential

Dream crusher, heart breaker,
broker of lies, silence dealer,
Poison lips... I wish you had
Kissed me goodbye.
Written by
RebelJohnny  Las Vegas, NV
(Las Vegas, NV)   
   Jamie King, SPT and Brian Payamps
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