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Mar 2011
We consider impossible possibilities
and read from a dictionary of abstract words
and try to grasp intangible ideas.
its a perplexing and troublesome thing

Altruism, Absurdism, Animism
A constant clamor of chaos
Word words words
Only in context can you understand

But how could I ever be sure?
You hear it, but could you ever know?
Does Idividualism, instrumentalism, Intellectualism
Mean anything to you?

Even if it does
there’s a gap in perceptions
the space between your eyes and mine
is a world apart, never to meet

Expression is futile
we can never make any connections
You reverberate in my ear
and echo out of me
I reverberate in your ear
and echo out of you
Pushing and pulling like the tide
constantly eroding the meaning

But once in a while
when I look at you
and say “I love you.”
You say “I love you too.”

By the twist of your mouth
and the gleam in your eye
I know our definitions
are one, and the same

Though our emotions are lost in translation
and its challenging to put it into words
Your reply causes such sensations
I have no doubt.  You meant it.
Sean Pugerude
Written by
Sean Pugerude
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