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Mar 2011
1) God divides people, Sachin unites them

2) God does with people what he fancies, Sachin does with the bat what people love

3) God gives life, Sachin adds meaning to it

4) God answers prayers, Sachin comes as the answer to those prayers

5) God takes away what he gives, Sachin only gives, gives and gives

6) God doesn’t always give you what you want, Sachin gives you more than what you expect

7) God gives you death, Sachin teaches you how to live

8) God blesses you only if you’re good, Sachin’s benevolence is unconditional

9) God gives you troubles to teach you lessons, Sachin makes you forget your troubles

10) God puts you to test to reassert his supremacy, Sachin keeps passing every Test and still remains humble

11) God punishes people for their wrongdoings, Sachin takes it upon himself to rectify others’ mistakes

12) God's existence is an unsolved mystery, Sachin’s existence is beyond any doubt

13) God loves you only if you believe in him, Sachin’s genius and goodness compels you to love him

14) No one has seen God, No one will ever see another like Sachin!!!
Written by
Shirin Sadikot
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