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Jan 2015
You see I've been waiting for your call back.
Cause to hear your voice is all i need even though i don't deserve that.
I know i made a mistake and baby hate I that,
I didn't trust you but I love you please just call back.
Cause I'm dying without you here, nothing feels right, without you in my life.
Ohhh baby!
Ive got to feel your touch again.... will you let me in?
I knock on your door at 3 come on i i know your in there
you open the door and i say one more time, baby?
I know we just had a break up but Lets just make up and then we'll make love.
Have good good ***.
we can let it all out, and forget it all, so baby are you gon give me a call?
See sleeping alone just aint the same.
And baby day in and day out i wanna show you how,
I really am the one.
please don't say were done
You deserve such a big apology.
Even though me blaming you deserves so much more than words.
You've got understand I didn't mean to hurt you.
Remember when we first met, you were hurting, i was the only one not disconcerting you. I gave you something to relate to.
You wanted to feel something so I gave it to you,
i made you feel love and i set you free of,
everything you were scared of, come on baby lets go ****.
A made up scenario of a break up
Passion fire hope
Written by
Passion fire hope
   --- and Bluebird
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