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Jan 2015
Love is not an easy thing to understand. It is complex and intricate in detail, yet human kind falls into it faster than the calculated speed of light. Love is a feeling that is rooted somewhere deep inside the soul beginning as a small seed and blossoming into the most vibrant of colors that have not yet been invented. Oh, and how Love grows. It grows in lust. It grows in trust and in time blooms precious petals of truth and understanding, acceptance and reassurance, and the most beautiful flower of all creation. Love is a faint flicker that shines in even the darkest of days. The flame only glows brighter the longer it stays lit by the compassion contained within the heart behind the ribbed cage of the chest. If this vital ***** were not locked up, such burning fire would prove too detrimental for human hands to handle. When one holds the key to another's heart, they are faced with a difficult decision. Do they keep the power locked away and continue to fall in Love? Or do they unlock the cage, release the power, and rise in it?
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