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T James Jan 2014
Holding onto your gin & tonic like it is an extension of you
I sit and stare, you dance with a stranger as if he were a lover
Like you once had me, tonight it seems you will have him too
Gazing upon your figure you look directly Upon me            
With such haste you take him through the exit and leave
Now sitting alone I wave to the barkeep to order another whiskey
T James Jan 2014
For days gone by I've turned my thoughts away
I wait for you to grasp at my extended hand
Pleading that you will ask me to come and stay
Yet, you remain absent, far away.
T James Mar 2014
Forgotten, the warmth that once kissed our skin.
Now the sharp cold that stings like needles and pins.
T James Jan 2014
The heat of your flesh pressing hard into mine
salty sweat dripping down to my lips
No future no past, just us stuck in time
Your mouth presses hard searching for my tongue
Taking the breath from my lungs
A high rivaled by nothing of this world
I hear a chirp of a bird
Eyes flutter open
Nothing but a dream, a reminder of what was
Yet never will be, not even once more
T James Jan 2014
There is a battle fought relentless in my heart
a longing for a companion one to call my love
fighting the truth that ones world would be torn apart
the problem is one of luck , or the lack thereof
any thighs that part for more than just pleasure
such as for my heart, my only real treasure
she would surely end her plight in tears
and take flight away from these treacherous affairs
my burden is to hold none too close
for too much of my love is a poison of a lethal dose
T James Feb 2014
Another grade A reject
tossed aside like how many more before?
now its  back to that little bee sting
ahhhh, like heaven in a syringe
what's wrong with one more tar binge
just another nobody for no one
let me pour another whiskey alone
Beer and some gear makes your face fade away
so hand me my rig so i can boil that nasty black
now I'm just gonna lay back
choking on my own ***** till the rise of the sun
so leave me be, I'm finally done
this time you won.

— The End —