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Pinkroses Sep 2014
I saw the girl with the fierce orange locks today,
I was walking into town,
She was coming the other way.
Skin like porcelain china,
Green eyes ablaze,
Bright golden emerald pupils bleeding into almond haze,
I could stare at those eyes forevermore,
You have me transfixed.
To be honest, I've never seen a girl,
Who has me so bewitched.
Pinkroses Sep 2014
Staring into that glass,
Recognising a familiar face,
Covered in flaws,
So many things to remedy,
Before I can face the world.
I sigh, resign myself to my own skin,
Skin that at times,
Has me crawling from within.
Even with these kohl chalked eyes,
Blushed rose cheeks,
Scarlett lips,
I don't match up,
I'll never be me, until I'm pretty.
Pinkroses Sep 2014
She walked in the dreamworld,
A still meditation,
Head down, daren't look up,
Years of jaunts,
Taught her not to look up,
A tortured soul,
Craving serene solitude,
Amidst the chaos,
It seduced her every time.

— The End —