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one thing about it is that it inevitably fades
while we run
in the mountains
while hands open
to hold
in vain
and hands close
and mouths open gasping for air
and mouths close again in a hopeless kiss
it is not painful
you still laugh
you still believe
your hands pairing in the air
airplanes flying
flowers blooming and dying
but can't you see, my dear?
it faded
pinkandwhite Jan 23
I dreamt of skyscrapers
and landscapes
I dreamt of the height
and, often, I dreamt of the fall
I dreamt of guilt and forgiveness
of blurred memories and lost hopes
I waited for the spring
I waited for a change
yet it never came
still, I linger on
pinkandwhite Dec 2023
Is this all?
Is this all that we made?
So far
In the daylight she blooms
She blooms into a lonely night
Right in front of me
I’ll fade into a painful goodbye
Into a warn day
Either sorrow or sunflower
pinkandwhite Oct 2023
Still a little left
Still a sip or two
Still a laugh or ten
Your eyes judging my sins,
Your pale blue eyes
Your remains
That disturbs my peace
The dog barks insistently
I hope It will not mind
pinkandwhite Jun 2022
I wanna memorize every line of your face
I wanna save this moment in a phrase
So when our time ends
And your touch fades away
I'll still have a memorie of you
And that's what will keep me going through
pinkandwhite Apr 2022
limpid watercourse
bird's melody
soft wind in the trees
the light side of the moon

your mind, your body, you
insanely beautiful
the way you move your hands
reminds me of the time
we were free
pinkandwhite Dec 2021
She was inconstant like the stars
She was older than time
Such a beautiful mess she is
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