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peyt Aug 23
we only have one life
an almost century to define who we are.
even though that may sound like a long time,
it is not.
this century of a life will flash before your eyes
and it’s up to you whether you want to lead this life with grace, or chaos.
i saw a homeless man on the street the other day asking for spare change.
even when no one could give him the time of day to even say no, he still would tell them,
“God bless you”.
and that made me think
why is it that human beings will give things to those who don’t benefit from it?
and when we passed this man, he asked the same question
and we had no money
and we felt terrible
my lover persisted in going back
so we did
and he gave him money, and the biggest hug.
this is how humans should be.
so next time you see that homeless person
or that stray dog
give that person a couple of dollars.
give that dog some water and some hugs.
because at the end of the day
we won’t be here forever
it is important to lead this life with love and compassion for other beings.
especially when they are much less fortunate than you.
peyt May 25
rainy days bring sunny skies
everyone smiles
and everyone cries
bad days dont make bad lives
people live
and people die

so make the most of your life

and smile
and laugh
and travel to exotic places
like Japan
just live your life as best as you can

before you grow old and pass,

go outside
lay in the grass
look at the clouds
eat someones *** (just kidding) (unless you want to)

just live
peyt Apr 5
this poem does not have a name
not because of any particular reason
but because i’ve become so lost and indesicive,
how can i even sit down to think of a title?

i’ve forgotten what my love for him feels like
but my rememberence of taking the training wheels from my bike may suffice
i felt like the most powerful being
after learning the concept of balance.

and maybe thats why i’ve left my love somewhere, tucked away
because our communication has become unbalanced
we seem to raise our voices at each other in anger, more than we raise our voice at each other by filling the sky with laughter.
and it really hurts
you’re supposed to be my best friend
and nothing less
but until i can find my misplaced feeling
this poem does not have a name
peyt Apr 5
sometimes i worry i have lost my grip on loving you
and the love is no longer within my reach
others are starting to catch my curious eyes
and make me wonder
what it would be like to be held in the arms of that person
what it would taste like to come in contact with their kiss
and what it would feel like pressed against their body
and it drives me to my breaking point
because i know my heart needs you
but my body wants someone else.
peyt Mar 1
sometimes i wonder how your lips taste
when im tasting the lips of my lover
and it kills me
*psa* not all of these poems have to do with what im going through
peyt Jan 26
i warned you
i told you
i promised you
you didn’t listen
you ignored me too
you lied
you stole
you took me for granted
i’m done too,
with the child inside you
i hope these lessons will guide you
because i’m done being the teacher too
i’m done being the goody-two-shoes
the no good petty boo hoo.
you still have no clue
of the monsters inside you
they’re eating you from inside
and turning you into a twin of them, i wont lie
you are beginning to turn into a monster
and i don’t have the antidote to stop you.
this was from almost 2 years ago, when i was in a very dark place and first starting to write. now, i still think it is powerful, and i thought it would be thoughtful to share with you.
peyt Dec 2018
i am trapped in a storm
a space in my mind that feels endless
i can only be saved from this void
by one thing
but that thing
that person
is hardly ever there when i need him most
so i try and save myself
but i can never escape
the only outcome
are more scars on my body
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