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Wilted beauty on fallen leaves,
Life temporarily sustained,
Lying beside the old oak tree,
In frail comfort, still,
Until the blowing wind.
She laughs at his jokes,
The way she laughs at mine,
Does she see him in me,
Or is she blind,
I see her everyday,
Sun up to sun down,
He's away most of the time,
But, now he's around,
They share a past,
We share today,
Is our future stronger,
Than their yesterday,
Only time will tell,
But, I can't wait,
I feel like a fish,
Caught in the bait.
I've hit a half-court shot,
And missed a lay-up,
I've been hired,
And fired,
I've loved and lost,
And lost the love,
I've seen deaths,
And rebirths,
I've tasted a snowflake,
And a ****** lip,
I've seen an underdog triumph,
And a champion dominate,
I've been underestimated,
And overrated,
I've shook a welcoming hand,
And waved a sad goodbye.
Remnants of childhood resurface,
Frostbitten memories begin to thaw,
Anxious heartbeats pound through the skin,
Approaching the steps where I once dwelled.
Thoughts thumping,
Like hail on the windowsill,
Treacherous currents,
Power a sea of sin,
Regret is on the horizon,
As I succumb to temptation,
Too powerful to resist.
Caged emotions,
On crumpled paper,
Painful words,
In faded ink,
A sacred memory,
From a story untold,
Trapped in the mind,
Of a tortured soul.
Hidden oasis in the Garden of Love,
Happiness transcended on the wings of a dove,
Slow streaming waterfalls reflecting sunlight,
A vision of beauty forever kept in your sight,
Great hills and valleys beyond your belief,
Soft waves caress white sand at your feet,
Green grass greener than the eyes can conceive,
Flowers blooming so tall they reach up to your knees,
Clear blue skies filled with the birds song,
Shining stars that sparkle at night by the pond,
Fresh fruit and fine wine at your fingertips,
And for your dreams to come true all you make is a wish.
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