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jill Jul 2020
delete me,
you always have the power
to download again.
jill May 2020
muscles don’t get weary
for every day tasks.
you’ve become a chore.
jill Apr 2020
isn’t it funny
my dreams and thoughts of you
have given me more
than you ever could
jill Apr 2020
the dandelion seeds fly onto my nose
out of instinct, i dust the feathers of blown wishes
until they fall to the pavement
to die like all the others.
jill Apr 2020
i don’t want
to feel the need
of filling a silence
with shallow, empty words
for the so-called "satisfaction"
of peace.
jill Mar 2020
the air smells different when you’re in love.
deathly sweet, and laced with worry.
truly intoxicating.
jill Mar 2020
my sweet flavor.
i couldn’t taste
my mint leaves

my raspberry scent.
i couldn’t smell
my fading aroma

my clear vision.
i couldn't see
my lovely sky


but somehow,
it seemed like
the world
was showing
its true colors.
is this good??
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