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Pep Sep 2012
As they fall towards the deep sea
With words filling their mouths
The breath lies in their lungs with

And they’ve woken with tremors
Soaking through to the bone
Quenching boiling hot tempers

We’ve been beggars of old dirt
While we’ve traded the gold.
Now bound by good will of

And our being will end there
Deep down in the sea
Since we bottled intentions
Pep Sep 2012
I have a little note book.
Your name has not met it's pages.
But it is all about you.
And all our wages.
I miss you dearly.
Perhaps you feel this too.
This notebook, your name is never in.
But you are all it ever knew.
Pep Sep 2012
Life gets boring
So there are adventures.

We’ve fought dragons with daggers,
and have cast spells of doom.
We’ve walked the darken halls of mansions
and faced the monsters of gloom.
Resurrected the dinosaurs
where life found a way.
And witnessed characters dying once
but coming back to slay.
There have been tears turned to amber.
And nine tails on a fox.
Time travel from the beginning
To end in a paradox.
Fell in love at first sight
Killed ourselves at last
The stories we’ve heard of
They become our past.

But I tell you this moment
I’m glad there’s no dragon
That travel doesn’t consist
Of riding in a wagon.
That the darkest hall I walk
Is the one leading to my room.
It’s nice to know there’s a comp
If I wanted to face DOOM.
There are no gigantic beasts
Eating all my friends
And while those foxes are pretty
Anime is where it ends.
We travel through time
Since it goes on by day.
And if you suicide for love
It wasn’t love anyway.

This world drones on
But I’m content with this
Leaving those times in books
For when I’m adventurous.

— The End —