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Pedro N Diaz Oct 2016
Tears falling
As I dropped the blade
But Were they really tears
Or tears of despair
Pedro N Diaz Oct 2016
I'm tired of living
Living a lie
Not being able to love
The one you onced love
Thoughts blooming
But why?
Why think about that love
Because ....
Because she's still there
And she will always will be
But it's time to go
She's happy
Living a cheerful life
But what about me
Why not me ...
Pedro N Diaz Oct 2016
As a child, I was fatherless
Only a two year old and a four year old
Growing up with just a mother
My sister and I were alone
As for my brother,
He has his father.  
But his father was no man
Have you ever seen a man put his hands on the woman you call your mother?
I have,
I wish I hadn't.

My mother..
she was beaten,
She was slapped, she was punched.
By the one I call the devil
The devil was my biggest fear
He brought nothing but sadness
and screams to my ear

Fast Forward 12 years later,
I'm now fourteen..
The devil still remains
I was fed up, seeing the only woman I care for the most being beat
As he arrived one night intoxicated.
I heard my mother screams,
Her screams.  
I had it..

I ran up the stairs
punched the devil
I was beat..
one thing I remember seeing
Was my mother not helping
She stood back and watched
I did not blame her
She was weak
I knew she couldn't help

To be continued

— The End —