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Pearl Apr 2020
as the song said, ‘ there was something in the air that night, the stars were bright’, you leaned towards me to hold my hand, yes, it was least expected, I did not know what to do; so I looked into your eyes but the shadows covered them, I could feel your breath on the nape of my neck; I could do nothing else but look at you in wonder, I felt drunk as the atmosphere was so perfect, I loved it when you snuggled into my coat for warmth...
Pearl Apr 2020
I wake up with you in my thoughts and go back to sleep again thinking ‘bout you. Did it make any difference to you or to your thoughts? For your thoughts were never for me...

I promised myself never to pick another dandelion to tell myself, she loves me, she loves me not; for the flower died in my declaration of my love for you...

I lay on the sweet smelling grass looking up into the blue skies, came a passing cloud looking like an antelope; changing shape with the blowing wind became a horse in full speed...

my flickering thoughts again all ‘bout you for I saw you passing by with your new friend; no, I would never be that someone for you, for I remained that soul, just dreaming about you...
Pearl Mar 2020
my heart has been burgled
know not how to find
I walked up the meadows
asked the green grass
and sunshine
they laughed as if tickled
so moved on to the glen nearby
scary sounds from the deeps
made me shake and almost scream
for I found my heart dangling
from the tallest tree
with a note written
dare to climb up
to find the thief
who took this heart away
some one please help me
climb this tree
this heartless being
needs my heart back
please don’t tell me
go climb that tree
for I know not how
my heart is all I need..:
Pearl Mar 2020
you may feel ashamed of me sometimes
for I am not moulded nor made the way you thought
so different am I
from the others you came across
so dear I shall wait
for your heart to change
when you get back
I shall never ask
for you are the same
the best for me ever...
Pearl Mar 2020
what do I need?
to burn in the fire of your love
even when you look away
I understand that flowing heart
loving me the way you do
even when I let you down
you keep loving me
like how only you can
so what am I waiting for
to burn in the fire of your love
to become ashes
to be thrown into your being
for that is where I reside
I reside in you...
Pearl Mar 2020
I crave for your breath on my neck, for that nearness is much more than my own breath! It’s ok to give up my life for you, to be with you for those few moments. I can be thrown into fire, for I know you will be there with me, your presence makes me safe, so safe that the fire forgets to burn or even singe my hair. What more can I ask for, what do I need; for all I am asking for is you...
Pearl Mar 2020
my heart stopped beating for a few seconds when I saw her looking at me, I looked away for I did not want her to know that I noticed her; I knew from the bottom of my heart that she loved like she has never done before, both of us knew and understood there is no future to this kind of love. So we nestled our love in our hearts, sometimes uprising and surges made like the ocean waves, small lapping ones that gently touch out feet, there were ones that rise above our shoulders and there are moments when they are so huge that it’s overpowering heights reach above our heads, we ride the surfs together, holding our hearts together, lest we fall; gaze deeply in adoration and wonder if we would ever get to see each other again...
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