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Paula Guerrero Mar 2014
What ever happened
To the happy little girl
That once stood proud and strong
Never did she have to worry
Of what other people thought

I guess people change
Over time they learn
About all the bad things
People are expected to become
And they are told all the rules
That they must follow to fit in

Deep in that now big girls heart
Is that little one
Oh so afraid to come out

Now that big girl
Different than before
Stands insecure and weak
And she cares about what you say
Even if you don’t mean
The words that spill out
Of your oh so harsh mouth

Scars fill her wrists
But may I remind you
It’s not her fault
Take time to think about what you say
So she won’t ever have to think
About reaching for a blade again

One day that big girl
Will be strong and proud
Like once before
But for now
I beg of you to let the little girl
Inside that big girls heart
Spring out and change her life once again

— The End —