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The mirror and the window
Side by side
One reflected the possible truth inside
Other looked at the possible possibilities outside
Gin-soaked dreams
Streamed around me
As your passionate nature
Filled me with vivaciousness
I needed your body
On top of me tonight
To feel you
Taking off my clothes
And consuming my world
She had a spirit of flames
Eyes deep as the sea
A soul soothing as rain
A heart born to live free

And while she loved Earth
she always knew she could fly
A true goddess like her
belongs in the sky
I can lose myself
In your dazzling darkness
Compose consequential poems
About you that stream
In perennial sereneness
Think about you all the time
How your hazel eyes
Tell me that you love me
That you have always wanted
To be more than friends
When I kiss you in my dreams
I know you will feel the enchantment
In my lips lock with yours, my affection
Will thrive in your illuminating design
Cling to your kingdom like honeybees
On a perennial yellow sunflower
Wherever you are, I know my essence
Will rapidly spread throughout your body
You will be mine abidingly
I anticipated every moment
Of being with you, holding you
In my arms, close to my heart
Watching your adorable eyes
Open and close, cherishing
Your soft, cute cheeks, your sweet
Innocent face, so angelic and cuddly
So cheerful and perfect, thinking
Of all the days and nights
We would spend together
The unconditional love
I would always give to you
To show you how much
You mean to me, how when
I never knew what love meant
Until I became pregnant
And felt you moving in my stomach
It was at that point
I knew I couldn’t wait
To see your blooming beauty
Come to life, so I could be your
Protective and loving mother forever
When I stare at your saffron
Mango skin, your shimmering
Beauty emanating, your lips glowing
Like a frozen sour watermelon
Like a priceless pink diamond
Like a massive, spectacular waterfall
I slip away into a half-conscious state
Dreaming of being engulfed in your sultriness
Feeling the smoothness of your buzzworthy
Beard, your eyes cool black, highly
Enticing, your eyebrows dazzlingly
Defined, your curly hair imperial black
Like flourishing oil paint, like a clean
Luxurious Infiniti, your tats splashy
And seductive, your universe unmatched
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