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Paul Holmes Jan 2012
Liquid clouds sail by
Between green branches they float
Angler’s face is blurred.

Large frog hops then swims
Stirring the placid picture
Grotesque forms reshape.

Stream now calm and still
Sky reflects countryside scene
Tranquil Man and World.
Paul Holmes Jan 2012

I slowly unfurl to the World
Stretching up to the sky blue
And sense an early morning chill
Of Spring waking me anew.
Each day grows a little warmer
As daylight hours extend
Making this leaf feel fresher,
Tothe bright sunlight I bend.


I’m at my most greenest now,
Hot sun burns upon my veins;
How glad am I to finally enjoy
Those cooling, copious rains.
At which point, I pour in drips,
A refreshing, rousing trickle
That falls on grass and buttercup
Teasing them with a tickle.


Mists have now arrived, enshrouding
My form with heavy dew;
The greens has all but leached away,
Bled from veins no longer new.
Down below the tree are vivid reds
Browns and translucent golds
Which, increasingly each day now
People their captivation holds.


The first frost of Winter
And a biting, northerly breeze
Cut into me,and scores of others
Were torn from their trees.
I’ve fallen now, to the ground
All wrinkled, and utterly fragile
Awaiting my final hour
Until, I meet my funeral pile…
Paul Holmes Jan 2012
There is a hollow in her hand
That needs to be filled with mine…

A beach of powder white sand
Where we cheerfully recline…

There are two lovely lips
Aching for a tender kiss…

A cliff top where the wind whips
Up a bracing breeze, sheer bliss…

Warm tints nestle within her hair
And seemingly skip with pleasure…

A buttercup meadow so rare
Where we picnic at our leisure…

Right in the centre of her chest
Her heart beats a rhythm sublime…

Wherever we are, that place is the best
As long as I’m with her each time….
Paul Holmes Jan 2012
Appearances can be deceptive,
And to the superficial gaze
The outside looks dull and grey
Plain looking in many ways,
Yet, when a crack causes
Water to seep slowly through,
A Geode can split to reveal
A dazzling sight to view!
Piles of purple crystals
Sparkling in the light,
Such wonderful inner beauty
Now apparent for our delight!

Have you noticed how some people,
May seem plain as plain can be?
Yet, if we take time to peer deeper,
Then, what gems would we see?
Perhaps a beautiful heart
We never thought was there,
Where an aching generosity
Is waiting its time to share?
Yes, a warm, glowing inner beauty
Will emerge before your eyes,
A newly discovered Treasure
For you to cherish, and to prize!
Paul Holmes Jan 2012
How amazing to see you
Ahead of your hour
Using your strength
To reveal a small flower.

Like a pure white pearl
Amid emerald blades
Your head peeps through
Winter’s harsh shades.

A courageous act
Pushing through frozen earth
To show me your beauty,
To reveal your true worth.

Stand tall and proud,
Delight me with your charm;
For the merest sight of you
Makes my heart calm.
Paul Holmes Jan 2012
Relaxing peacefully on her lap
Her fingers ran through his hair,
And,speaking soft, soothing words
Waves of calm caressed him there.

Delilah used her feminine wiles,
Honeyed words dripped from her lips,
A sense of serenity enveloped his soul
From her tender fingertips.

The secret of his amazing strength
Was reluctantly revealed to her ears
Leading to open the floodgates
Of times of sorrow and tears.

On her lap he continued to rest,
Unawares of her subtle scheming;
Carefully his luxuriant locks were cut
With scissors sharp and gleaming.

Little could Samson have known
The intentions of her black heart,
Her cunning and overpowering charm
Hit him as with a poisoned dart.

Samson’s strength suddenly left him,
As weak as a kitten he became,
Delilah had truly duped him,
Although it seemed to her a game.

As hard as granite was her heart,
No true feelings of love were there
Else, why would she hurt him
With no chance of any repair?

His life had a very sad ending,
Of this most people have heard,
It’s recorded for our perusal
Within the pages of God’s Word.

The lesson to be learned
From this ghastly episode
Is that disloyalty is as acid
That the heart can corrode.

Like a wilting yellow lily
Under the sun’s searing heat,
Samson’s strength melted
Into a pool of utter defeat.

Remember this we should
And be careful how we act
Lest our deceptive hearts
This drama we re-enact…
Paul Holmes Jan 2012
Like liquid sapphires
Attracting my loving gaze
Your eyes steal my heart.
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