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Paul Aguirre Nov 2012
Sitting in the dark wondering
when will I find someone
worth knowing,
worth noting.

You tell me that there are
all around me and beyond,
But you lie or are mistaken
because all I see are mismatched
people to my desires.

I want to learn from this Her,
To kiss her sweet lips,
To render myself senseless
by touching her body,
To lose myself in her eyes.

But it seems that this unfeeling
does not let me get close with
before I find their flaws
and start pondering
how to break their heart.

It seems that I set my standards too
or they have theirs too
but the fact remains that
I am betrayed:
by dishonesty and cowardice,
by laziness and greed,
by stupidity and facades.

but most of all:
by the immoral,
the obsession with nothing but pleasure
with no depth.

I am a confused and lonely thing,
searching in the dark for a feeling Thing.

what is this Thing I seek?

Well dear reader,
Nothing less than a good Heart.

One to heal me,
in return for being healed,
before this hollowness becomes
a shadow and swallows me whole,
leaving nothing but a crass man,
a cruel and callous thing undeserving of
the veracity of Love.
In Response partly to "I made a wish; I wished I was crazy"
unedited and very stream of consciousness-y of me but I could not escape alas, the beauty of a centered poem I'm afraid. Your free verse was still good and very unbound by rules and traditions.
nothing more than raw feeling I felt in your poem, fellow scribe, not many things inspire me to write lately so kudos...and gracias :)
1.2k · Nov 2012
Odd day, Today
Paul Aguirre Nov 2012
Impossible to sum up
how odd it was,

Nothing out of the ordinary happened
except no progress was made
in the area of Love.

kind of gloomy mood today,
thinking I might meet a friend
for a movie...

the thought did cross as she was female,
you know which thought: maybe she and I...

but it crossed and left as she and I
have very different kind of personalities,
good friends maybe but nothing more.

Is it not odd how male and female
friendship is, perhaps never fully
amicable because there can be this
undercurrent of desire?

Tis a somehow sad thought,
I wonder how and why it persists...
in this social soliloquy
called life....
can't we all just merry be?

and the sky was quite a thing to see
today, not as black as always
in the night, wishing myself away
to a far freer galaxy
where strife and toil reign not indeed...

But it was just a sorrowful dream,
a requiem in this Odd, Odd Day
even though I am not yet dead.
Don't know why exactly why I wrote this, since this time it actually took longer to write than my first submission which I quite liked but it is posted nevertheless.
It was quite the odd day today, both mood wise and just the awkwardness at first of my movie night with this friend.
Haven't you ever had one of those days reader? where you just cannot put your finger on it, but it feels different than the yesterday? the many yesterdays before?

— The End —