Greg 3d
The water fell like light rain on his hair
Growing like roots, his veins
Spreading like leaves his hands--feet
He sprang alive after death and cold
A flower he became
Greg 4d
Judge Duty, am I rude to intrude?
Usually, I would but I'm a muse--
Courtesies of the court of law
Courting casually the camel' straw.

But your court is lawless!
For all that you pretend to stand for
Your sand fort will not stand war.
You do not stand for justice!

Right and wrong in a juxtaposition
Following what's right with a surgeon's precision...

Demands more than a human's deduction.
Greg 5d
Greg 7d
"What to eat?" we argued.
I was hungry from a day of reading,
And she was hungry from helping a refugee
"How about you help for once " she roared.  
Forgetting with anger that I fed her the day before.
Forgetting even more as her voice rose like the tides.
"Do you even understand how lucky you are?"
Thank ******* *** we were born here I thought
While grabbing the last slice of pizza.
Greg Jan 8
Low notes with the act of sadness.
Even with the wittiest of Wit,
The clown plummets downwards
Drowning himself with a whole bottle.
He’ll show you a role model.

I’ll show you a role model.

The show grew with holes—puddles.
Where men with no feet hustled
With souls sold to the so-called devil.
Closing with applause.
I will be publishing work like these a lot. Spontaneous and erratic. I like to call these my medicine since they help me cope with life. Maybe you'll find something similar in these. I hope.

— The End —