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Greg Jun 25
I have this—I have
Half and half, I wonder.
Wander my mind like thunder.
Folklore to my soul;
Bring soothing more.
I reason, do you?
Treason too new,
I say. I say.
Perhaps I’ll sit for today—
Another day than another.
Then, maybe then, I will slumber
Jolted by the Morse—tapping
My my and yours overlapping.
This is this and this is not.
I lisp the thick with an accent like ‘tis.
Fumble between realities,
Book cover after book I cover;
This is you child.
This is new child and old as time.
So is so and you live so.
May you sow a wistful note.
Greg Mar 31
Can I have this dance?

Fruition halted by the temptation
A rotten apple for you the love doctor

Can I have this dance?

May we step on each others’ feet
Without care of the tempo or beat

Can I have this dance?

In this dog eats dog world
Dancing like fighter jets on a long walk

Can I have this dan—
Greg Mar 29
I feel like God is a wheel of irony.
Is there a finality?
Final thoughts forged to finesse reality.
Simply a formality to flirt with my last breath.
What a morning to fall for Death.
Greg Feb 17
Maybe it’s time
Maybe it’s fine
Maybe it’s God
Maybe it’s not
Maybe it’s odd
Maybe it’s shock

But maybe, just maybe it’s me
And maybe, just maybe it’s you
And maybe, just maybe it’s us
But maybe, just maybe it’s lust
And maybe I wish
And maybe I hitch
And maybe you hide
And maybe you lie

And maybe the maybes

May be a little overused

But maybe this was just overdue
Greg Jan 12
The water fell like light rain on his hair
Growing like roots, his veins
Spreading like leaves his hands--feet
He sprang alive after death and cold
A flower he became
Greg Jan 11
Judge Duty, am I rude to intrude?
Usually, I would but I'm a muse--
Courtesies of the court of law
Courting casually the camel' straw.

But your court is lawless!
For all that you pretend to stand for
Your sand fort will not stand war.
You do not stand for justice!

Right and wrong in a juxtaposition
Following what's right with a surgeon's precision...

Demands more than a human's deduction.
Greg Jan 11
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