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pat caldecott Feb 22
Coffee bean

Live a caffeine life style
Feel a bit flat white
Drinking up your Java
Nothing going right
Off you go to marshals
Coffee quick to go
Can’t stop now for friendship
Got to work you know
Get into the office
Sitting at your place
Don’t you get your lifestyle?
Caffeinate rat race
Always in a hurry
What’s the hurry for
Got to earn a living
Got to get some more
Growers don’t plant poppies
Theirs nothing left to glean
Just dig up the garden
And plant some coffee bean
pat caldecott Feb 22
The Incubus

You give pleasure to the senses
You’re light and fair of form
And Breakdown our defenses
You’re high above the norm
A child you have provided
Delight to those who care
But the things you have decided
Are cobwebs in the air
Your beauty hides a being
That’s hard to harmonize
With the thing that we are seeing
The stories and the lies
And one day when you’ve grown
And your beauty’s gone away
And the child looks at your designing
What are you going to say?
That on a whim you ravaged
Three lives and just for play
As a dog a victim savaged
Those who let you have your way
Let your aging not be graceful
And your beauty not remain
For your dealings are disgraceful
And to look at you brings pain
Let your action be rebounded
And you reap what you have sown
On the lies that you have founded
From a heart that’s made of stone
pat caldecott Feb 22
My Dearest Dad

Please explain my dearest dad
Why you allowed the pain and sorrow
Gave her everything she asked
And never thought about tomorrow
Did you love to much to speak
When she beat me with a bar or
Was it just that you were weak
You always let her go to far
When she spit into your face
And went away and formed a tie
With a lesser man to you disgrace
And made the entire family cry
I know your love it was sincere
I know she was your very life
But you should have made the limits clear
To save your children from your wife
pat caldecott Oct 2011
I think that death has come for me
I see him in the shadows there
He say he wants me to be free
I ask why is it that you care

Knowing that he'll win one day
knowing that I'll lose the fight
Knowing that he'll make me pay
He stalks around me day and night

And so he beckons on to me
It's not so bad here in the shade
I only want you to be free
And I am just the price that's paid

The price of freedoms very high
The price was set so long ago
And i have nothing that can buy
A single minute from my foe

Knowing that he'll win one day
knowing that I'll lose the fight
Knowing that he'll make me pay
He stalks around me day and night
pat caldecott Jun 2011
One day we'll say it was a dream
The one's we loved and had to leave
And no more count the bitter scheme
Crudely played on mother eve

And memory of this bitter day
When in paradise regained
Is washed away like feet of clay
I for one will not complain

Then you and I and all we love
Will shout with joy and Ecstasy
Praises to our god above
Who paid the price and set us free
pat caldecott Jun 2011
Once again I return to feel the hurt the pain
Addicted to your cyanide
That’s driving me insane

Ride upon this sickening ride surf upon its tide
Feel it rotting out my brain
You are my cyanide

As a child upon the bed I’d think to stop the chain
Small doses of your cyanide
Were coursing in my vein

I didn’t know and so I ate whatever you’d provide
Given the things that you’d obtain
The bitter cyanide

Only poison in your heart things that you’d been fed
Force fed on the cyanide
Lead me where your led
pat caldecott Jun 2011
I remember you said
As I sat on your bed that
My love was not true
Well I loved you a lot
With all that I’ve got
Not much but what can you do

And you said that your sin
Was drinking the gin
I remember it made me feel ill
And it hurt me a lot
Took all that I’ve got
Not much but what can you do

Then you said it’s a lie
When I would cry
I don’t want to follow your way
And you’d give me the taunt
You don’t really want well
Not much but what can I say

So here’s to you mam
Cause I don’t give a ****
What happens now that were through
I loved you a lot
And I think I’ve forgot
Not much but what can you do

— The End —