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Bobby Golden Aug 2016
i love you
i love you so much Dad
As much as you love
Your mom and Dad
I love you because you’re strong
& You don't know what its like to be me
I wish i knew what drove you inside
So i could buy some
To be just like you.
Thats what I’ve always wanted
But didn’t know how to say it
I love you
I love you so much Ma
More than you love me
You know… without saying
You feel it.. as mothers intuition
I just wish to make you proud
Im sorry i don't come around as much
I just can’t bear to see you frown
Mother, you are my moon & stars
There to comfort me at a time like now
Father, Ironically enough
You are my Sun
& Shine brightly over me everyday
Sorry is a “sorry” word choice
As “sure” is very unsure
Pure and unconditional your love reigns over me
Over me lies a dark cloud
but i brought my umbrella
Leaders lead
Cowards cower
& in your name
I will never give up
for my mom n dad
Bobby Golden May 2016
Drown my sorrows and smoke my pain away
Countless days roll by
Over the years you can feel the wear
I miss the times where you could care less
Funny guys are often depressed
I wonder why?
Bobby Golden Nov 2015
Whass hannin unc ?

How you doin' unc?
You doin' alright unc ?
that's good unc
I'm glad you good unc
What's that unc?
What you say unc ?
You need money .. ?
Na unc I can't help ya
I see you everyday on this block
Beggin for help
Not once have u ask me if I need anything
I can't give you money unc
I'd rather date a Waffle House waitress
211 Steal reserve breath or gin
On a good day
The bottle controls you unc
I've watch you deteriorate
Year after year on this block
You know the dope boys at dollar general don't **** with you
They tease and throw lil dollas at you man
And I don't like you hanging with Marty unc
You know he's off the "hair-ron"
That's not a good look
And I gave you a purple sweater
Last week unc
Do you still have it ?
Don't tell me you traded it ...
See unc
This is why you here
I hope you alright
This time next year
No this isn't my real uncle
Bobby Golden Nov 2015
I'm better off alone
Where I can get in no ones way
The only ones that care for me
Don't know how I feel
It's dark inside my head
Not all the time
But when the light goes to sleep
The depths of darkness
Swallow me whole
I've said before
I have a strange fascination
With despair
I'd never like to visit
The place where misery dances
Hand in hand with melancholy vibes
For eternity
And a violinist strums the same tune
Out of emotion
He can't escape this twisted atmosphere
He can't shake off the funk his wretched thinking process
"I love you"
The cure of all sickness
Clocked out earlier
Bobby Golden Nov 2015
The Silence is loud amongst us
I can read words that aren't there
And hear your thoughts drum along
With the rain
We have this complex
Where as one looks
the other looks away ..
Your body language told on you
And i deciphered it like morse code
The anticipation of searching
Is met with a gradual sense of awareness
I fell victim to the chase
The race around your body with my eyes
A premonition of dripping sweat and bare skin
Calls me often
when I wish not to answer
I wonder if ur comfortable
Your head lies on my chest like a politician
Your inner thighs moist from conversation
Your wet hair flows onto your shoulders
After a hot shower
Where u felt short of breath as I take control
Of your backside
A Newport drag after a long days work
Makes you feel at home
Although its temporary
Your lips burn for me
And you slowly drift off into slumber
Your mind is a combination of voices
unfamiliar faces
I jus hope u recognize mine
Bobby Golden Nov 2015
Oh my
I seemed to have left my most important idea
At home
It's probably somewhere in my room
Hidden under a hoodie
Or nestled between a stack of useless notecards
Oh my
Should I go get it?
But that'd botch my master plan ..
I planned on running away
With my intellectual property
To China
Where I could mass produce for cheap.
And display my love child
To the public
But I can hear my idea crying ..
Emerged deeply in sorrow
Frost bitten from my cold intentions
To exploit the newfound glory
Bobby Golden Oct 2015
Who knows when I'll arrive
When I do
Don't act surprised
I've spent countless nights
In my head
Coast to coast
Sea to sea
Where the sky changes colors as you please
And the fear of death
Is a figment of imagination
I bask in the essence
Every chance I get
And I've come to realization
That this world of my creation
Exists only while I abandon my inner slave
And truly determine that the wrestling matches
With the monkey on my back
Are not to derail my inhibitions
But to constructively build my path
As a man
And keep me chasing dragons
Not for the joyride
But to feed my hungry soul
With the food my grandmothers
Cooked to stay positive
Amidst termoil
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