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Alie Feb 2019
you will never understand why it hurts
you will never feel my pain
you think you know just because you did ******
you don't understand because you aren't me
Alie Oct 2018
Will i ever stop crying
Will i ever be normal
Does everyone cry in the shower
Does everyone cry them selfs to sleep
Does everyone fake a smile
Does everyone fake a laugh
Is everyone as embarassed as me
Alie Oct 2018
He gives me space
For me to breathe
I need him close
But i want him to leave
I love you dear
Dont you see
My games are just a defense baby
Ill push you away
That much is true
But baby i will always want you
Crying tears
No one knows
Ill hide them till i dont know
Why do you smile when all else is bad
Why cant i be real
Why cant i be glad
Alie Oct 2018
Breathe in and out
Their words dont count
Alie Oct 2018
I dont date jocks
They are *****
They think they are above everyone else
And right now im sitting with 3 football players
Alie Oct 2018
I hate my life
Alie Oct 2018
Im crying
Ill never stop dying
I know i should start goodbying
But im trying
Right now im surviving
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