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isabel Jul 27
the walls i’ve put up in order to protect my heart, to prevent myself from once again getting hurt were suddenly and all at once broken down by you.

when you realized you didn’t like what you saw on the other side, you left just as quick as how you tore everything brick by brick.

i guess i should’ve built my walls higher.
ugh.. honestly. i should have.
isabel Jul 27
did it make you laugh? seeing how stupid i looked knowing i’ve fallen for your games?

did it make you sleep better at night? knowing you had lead me on, thinking there was something between us?

did it ever cross your mind? the pain i could possibly feel after you played with my feelings?

did it hurt? when you stopped talking to me out of nowhere, leaving me hanging? no explanations, no anything. did it?

i guess it didn’t.
it’s been a while since i wrote something.
isabel Apr 3
your hands — so delicate, so soft. its got my heart in those hands, and its been his ever since. i want to hold them and never let go, intertwine mine with them, subconsciously play with it. i'll hold your hand althroughout this life's journey and never let go, no matter how much it may want to take you away from me and me from you all over again.

your eyes — it holds the brightest and the universe's astonishing stars. hell, it holds every galaxy there is. even the ones unknown and undiscovered. i see a sea full of emotions, how one can read through you. i see the deepest oceans, like sirens and mermaids luring me in with their beauty, not minding that i'm drowning in the process.  i see passion, a love for performing which can be seen only when you're on stage. i see how they sparkle, how it lights up whenever you do something that you love.

your smile — so warm, my comfort. you possess one of the world's most stunning smile. a smile that reminds me of the warmth one feels upon seeing a friend after a very long time. a smile that holds sincere happiness. so contagious, one can't help but smile along. it feels like home.
in the end of everyday, it’s just you.
isabel Apr 3
hindi ko inasahang mas may isasaya pa ang puso ko tuwing nakikita kita,
para bang ako'y nahulog sa'yo bigla.
para bang ikaw ang sagot sa lahat ng panalangin at hiling ko kay bathala.

ikaw ang aking tahanan
ako'y mawala man,
ikaw at ikaw parin ang
aking balikan.

sa bawat ngiti mo'y ako'y nabibighani
para bang ang lahat ng bituin na kumikinang tuwing gabi
ay ngayo'y nasaiyong mga labi.

bumaliktad man ang mundo,
mawala man ang lahat sa tabi mo,
mamahalin at mamahalin parin kita,
sinta ko.
a collection of short poems and thoughts.
isabel Apr 3
a thought crossed my mind
one quiet night
and out of the blue;
that the moon,
it resembled a lot like you.

the moon was beautiful last night,
the brightest celestial body
that lit up the entire night sky.
outshining even the brightest of stars.

to the boy who hung up on the moon,
the one who i am moonstruck of,
whose smile resembles its moonbeams,
will i see you tonight in my dreams?
late night thoughts.

— The End —