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Ouzidan Hicham Jul 2010
I wish I could be the port for your ship
But My Island is no more than a desert
Where camels use to weep in deep
But yet my life is not that cheap

Life is just a word made from four
Each alphabet means a lot of more
Love and hate, are obviously the same
A land where the knife takes the name.

Those who think not to fall, are already fallen
With hearts much full of pride and vanities.
They will never know how the bitter sweet is
And they will never know that taste of fallen.
By H.O
Ouzidan Hicham Jul 2010
Things happens the way we never expected
But anyway our life is already infected
Nights make you feel all alone
Trying to use your phone

Hammered with a nail in a heart
Everyone can feel the hurt
The soul is poisoned by failure
Wish to get a remedy for the injure

Wounded hearts can never be remedied
Broken glasses can never be repaired
Even stars and skies shed tears
But never my home ever knew fears

There the rose stands all together
Trying to feel each other
For giving a shine beauty to garden
All above is surrounded by heaven

The beach is always reached with sands
With a lightening lane that I draw
Far away in the edge of a land
I fail and I fall in depth to finally get drawn.
By H.O
Ouzidan Hicham Jul 2010
Two souls that live one life
Two hearts that beat as one
Two hands with one knife
Fighting all for being one

Keeping hope and fate
That was the way to taste
They do feel each other  
To live forever all together

Two souls that live one lie
Two stones instead of a heart
Soon or late they will die
But they will never see the light
By H.O

— The End —