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essie Aug 23
the love language of insomniacs
and depressed 20-year-olds.
i'm killing both birds with the same ******* stone.

where do we go
when we're gone?
essie Aug 15
my head overflows with a never-ending inundation of thoughts racing through
blurring out reality with their parallax motion
and drowning my ears in doppler
the man in the hall watched me pack for college on his way to the bathroom
I knew he wouldn't stay for long
but his silhouette snuck up on me nonetheless
essie Aug 13
nights seem to pass in a blur
i'm still awake and pleading
come home, my heart

and a twenty years long melody
plays in my mind on repeat
come home, my soul

at 3 am, time moves different
it's the hour of hands-and-knees groveling
come home, my spirit
essie Aug 4
the words sting on the way down
burn my throat
like tequila without a chaser
and slosh in the belly of my soul

"I don't want you anymore"

awaken the dull ache
salt the wound that never heals
but like rain on a cloudy day
it's a familiar feeling
essie Jul 30
so tell me
when the lights burn low and the music fades
do you still like who you’ve become?
part of my "fragments" series where I'm posting the drafts of poems that I've tried to finish but can't
essie Jul 30
mama made me
i guess that’s true
but what has she made me do?
essie Jul 12
Mind like an acrobat
She sways precariously back
and forth with the constant influx of travelers
Who never seem to stay more than a night
Part with their cynical phrases
And compare her to a trapeze

She is the calico feline that hides
In the woodpile for fear of being known
The nights have long since turned frigid
The aroma of death
Is what gives her away
Too late now to be saved

Imperfections in the sky
Draw weary eyes to gaze upon them
Amplified in the freckles on her face
Pinpricks on the vast unknown
Flaming ***** of unfathomable chaos
Look like stars to the naked eye
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