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Onuchi Onoruoiza Apr 2013
The burnished cradle
Of a flaming passion
From a panthing heart is a riddle
Screaming loud with the echoes of a silent affirmation
It is a voyage on a lofty saddle
A journey beyond the emotion of commotion!
Onuchi Onoruoiza Aug 2010
I once scurried through a jungle of tomes
From the languid turf of hazy hagglers
To the esoteric sphere of cryptic connoisseurs
The jagged rhythm pulsating with a staccato of pebbles
Not a placid clime but a wonky wilderness
Where your eyes rove for honey of rising cadence
Only to decelerate
From an alien territory to a corny scenery
The voyage of discovery must continue...
As sojourners of change

Onuchi Mark © 2010
Onuchi Mark © 2010
Onuchi Onoruoiza Aug 2010
We have seen your greasy lips
Of supple warmth nibble our geographical space with relish
With your cerebral repertoire of Machiavellian tactics
A savage sage gleaning with resounding skill
And crafty navigational sail
Your masterstrokes through climes and tongues reverberated
With your sparkling craft of vile crypt
Across regions, tribes and locales
Of your fangs that foiled good governance

But this time…
Your gladiatorial glide on this political turf
Shall experience a firestorm of rejection
Your emissaries across territorial divides
Shall be hounded to delusion
For the masses shall maul your mushy mantle of self grandeur
To the abyss of dishonour
For your subsequent arrival shall be booed to your doom
Your waning clout shall swing you to judgement
Of abysmal invasion
We are watching your fragile trot through this fearsome terrain
Of your permutation in levitation
For Damocles’ fiery sword shall haunt your ambition
Your raging mist on this cloudy night
Shall encounter a violent tussle
Prepare for war!

The scarlet venom from your cruel camp
Shall cease with instant visitation
From the warhorses of this fearless infantry
Armed with the right tools to disarm your fortified fortress
As you dispatch your foot soldiers
Of monsters and Leviathans
To play a callous hoax like the cunning fox
Their morbid mien shall encounter an eternal fall!
Let the music begin…

Onuchi Mark © 2010
Onuchi Mark © 2010
Onuchi Onoruoiza Apr 2010
Flapping wings of triumph
Through rigid clouds and darkened galaxies
Where raging infernos stir the ***** of the ethereal
It is our desire to float with gusto across the ashes of pain
We have had enough of the searing talons of the vulture
We have had enough of the tumultuous quakes that gulped innocent victims
We have had enough of the political turmoil that claimed lives and maimed hearts
We have had enough of the economic crisis that clogged hoods and hauled hagglers
We have had enough…
Onuchi Onoruoiza © 2010

— The End —