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Vince Paige Jun 2014
petulant petunias,
rabid roses,
volatile violets,
i avert my gaze
and water the grass.

beautiful and not,
but very much so.
Vince Paige Sep 2013
they were not in my emails,
my chats, or the women
that i called friends.

they were in the secrets
you kept hidden and ex's
you rubbed in my face.
Vince Paige Aug 2013
you will have success;
you will try and win;
you will start to rise;
and then you fall.

falling is your life;
rising up your choice.
life is a cycle
and you will fall.

you will have failures;
you will try and lose;
but if you despair;
then you will surely die.
lessons my father sort of taught me
Vince Paige Aug 2013
lois, i can not be your lover
because, there is a thin line
between hero and villain
when a woman is involved.
i can never compare
Vince Paige Aug 2013
there are monsters in the world
that will seek you and strive to
get you when you least suspect.

more fearsome are the demons
of your own creation, because
not only can they get you,
they know exactly where you are.
lessons my father sort of taught me
Vince Paige Aug 2013
is love an energy or a mental concept like time or space?*

she said, "my love is as boundless as the stars."
i said, "my love is not bounded by the speed of light."

she said, "my love is as deep as the ocean."
i said, "my love does not depend on points A or B."

she said, "my love is more powerful than the sun and shines much brighter."
i said, "my love is not subject to enthalpy or entropy."

she said, "i love you."
i said, "i love you more."
love is or it isn't, but it is always amusing to explore the spaces in between.
Vince Paige Aug 2013
do not say it, express it*

my life in a moment has been
a momentarily lapse of reason.
my heart in this venture has been
a vexing vent into a loving treason.
my soul caught up betwixt has been
a bewitching of what makes "me".
my fate in mutation has been
a mutinous stranding at sea.
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