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Olivia Walker Jul 2010
Aurora borealis,
aurora australis.

Mare nostrum,
sub silentio,
sub secreto,
ad libitur,
as infinitum.

Ira furor brevis est,
amor suo iure.

Memento vivere,
in dubio,
in dolorosa,
in posse,
in nubibus,
in pace,
in spiritu et veritate,
in pleno,

nvne avt nvnquam,
ad vitam aeternam.
Latin translation:

The northern lights,
the southern lights.

Our sea,
in silence,
in secret,
as desired,
to infinity without end.

Anger is a brief insanity,
love in it's own right.

Remember that you have to live,
in doubt,
in sorrow,
in possibility,
in the clouds,
in peace,
in spirit and truth,
in full,

now or never,
for all time.

Olivia Walker (E.Y)
Olivia Walker Feb 2010
Come closer beautiful girl,
kiss your lips as red as blood.
Your soul's night stars no longer shine,
drowning in the bottomless lake of your forsaken mind;
mind that's lost it's heart,
disappointing isn't it?

Your cells; a causeless riot,
storm of rage; fears and tears,
muscles; bitter exhaustion, rotting from within,
bones; eager to crush every nerve,
leave you senseless,
disillusionment poisoned greatness.

Wrap your arms around your bones,
memories won't keep you warm.
Melt your flesh to cold hard armor,
impervious to the world's sort decay.
Hide your pearly eyes in flawless shells,
drift away with the tide of his scent.

Come closer bereaved lady,
ignore the sirens of sinful sorrow.
Take my hand with no hesitation,
ascend with me;
to the apathetic void of enlightenment.
Olivia Walker Feb 2010
Stuff your mouth with your hollow promises
my gentle liar
conquered my elusive heart as I did yours
yet you
left me to drown in waiting
let me go
your death by my hands
hands you once held
covered in your blood or mine
sullen skies
kneel before your grave wearing scarlet drenched in tears
let the earth cover my bones
your bones
heartless cage
wither to dust you'll never hold
Olivia Walker Feb 2010
My dear
lost and lonely
there you were
as if we once were
looked into me and melt my armor
there's no escape
so keep me safe
my sweetest downfall

My dear
soft and only
let me fall into the depths of your eyes
touch inside me
hold you in my arms and kiss you
isn't that what time is for?

My dear
excite me, ignite me
leave me
helpless and paralyzed
if only I could turn the hands of time
change the world and change the tides

Whisper soft, whisper low
with you I want to grow

My dear
tears and laughter
the reason that I shine
we'll be together soon
my gentle salvation

My dear
my darling
should our fire turn to dark
on my soul you've left a mark
once the sun rose and set
with my you

To J.M.D.Allen
Olivia Walker Feb 2010
Something about souls
Maybe we knew each other in a past life

Maybe we were trees in Eden
we grew next to each other
our roots tangled
our branches touched and when the wind blew through
our leaves whispered the same tune

Maybe we were teardrops from a great poet's eyes
we met and formed a stream down his cheek
as he shed us for his lost love
and mourned the death of his heart

Maybe we were penguins
winter time; I'd fish, you'd nurture our egg
come spring; we'd meet by the sea,
you'd call out for me, I'd find you and
our bodies would move clumsily in a perfect rhythm of happiness

— The End —