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forever you hold me close
but far enough to not obsess
why dont you ask your silly little question
im done with the games
but your too much to ignore
forever, always
you'll be the one
hold me close
hold me tight
say you love me
im done with the games
**** it up
dont act like a girl
ask me your silly little question
before waiting kills me
im trapped in a dream
of you and me
forever you hold me
in your heart
and in your arms
i wrote this a bout a boy who liked be but always chickened out when he went to ask me out.
Shatter my heart
Throw it in fire
I've been crystalized
by love and hate
he bowed down before me
and shook me of
my hell burdened sleep
I wrote this one night when I woke up with this feeling that i had to write this poem down..
I walked alone
down this empty road
trying to find
what i left behind,
where could it have gone?
who could have taken it?
went through my mind
it wasnt special
it wasnt expensive
but it was important to me
and I love it
it slipped away
out of my broken heart
I find it now
under the bathroom sink
I feel its cold, metalic metal
I grip it tight
and feel the blood
slip from the cut
the sting is what
releases my pain
after several more
deeper cuts
I slide my friend
back under the sink.
I got bored during class and felt like writing...

— The End —