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Olivia Jul 2016
Days* upon weeks of weak and dismay.
Clocked upon the hour the nights turned sour.
In Alarm and outspoken, It tears through the curtain.
We leave amongst ourselves, while they plead for help. To
Stand is to grow, to truly understand, no one may never know.
If all could be trusted and loyal, we may never have ended so low.
This I know, find something that you can’t let go. Under all
Costs find something that could never be taken or lost, we must.
Feelings at a loss when encouraged by the jaws, and squawks.
Eyes that stock only to be forgot.
We’ve forgot, what it is that makes our heart pump. In a slump of
Blinded chumps. What have we become?
Our day is up nothing left to disrupt.
Minds of slumber, taking action undercover. What else to conquer?
We’ve drove out the “other”, what else to discover? Hmm I wonder?
Butchered to be ordered, a revolution, we cannot afford. Tally up the
Score, for them to ignore.
Olivia Mar 2016
Silence floods my brain
and then...
I feel nothing.
Olivia Feb 2016
We get it, you're sad
So are the rest of us
Can it really be that bad?
Learn to cope or
and mope.
It is no use to run from it.
But why seek comfort from it?
You left
No room for happiness.
No only sadness.
I get it,
everyone gets sad.
So know that it will pass.
Don't let it last.
Once the power is given,
there won't be any of you left.
Olivia Feb 2016
What have I been waiting for? Though I have lots of insecurities, I should know better than to say I’m not good enough. I have been through enough to know that I have what it takes to be where I want to be… so what’s stopping me? Is it fear, or just lack of hope or confidence? There could be plenty of things that hold me back, but why do I let them? Countless amounts of questions unanswered so far and I regret to think, they may never be truly answered.  If that is the case, I will start now and I won’t let anything stop me. I will break that wall of fear. I will hope for the sun and bask in the rain and I will lift my head high when feeling my lowest.
I can’t give up now, I haven’t even started.
Olivia Feb 2016
I've been ready for some time now.
Through heartache and distractions I keep going.
Friends try to convince me that the way to a good life is
Through popping pills and killing bottles.
But I've realized that, that lifestyle is not right for me.
I want to be free from constrictions,
Free from the people who try to tear me down.
Free from the ones that know nothing else.
I'm ready to make moves.
Who's with me?
Olivia Feb 2016
I have forgotten what else is out there.
Too many hours spent in a grey, empty desk.
Nine hours of my life gone each day, and for what?
A pay check?
No, I will not spend hours doing nothing I enjoy
and for such little in return...
There will come a day, when I will be free.
I just need to remember what else there is out there.
Olivia Feb 2016
Bathe in the glory of hope.
Shatter the shield of fear.
Become more than what you think you are.
Time keeps ticking and life is not waiting for you.
Explore the world's limitless opportunities.
Adventure and happiness are out there...
Go out of the comfort of your box
and find what you're looking for.
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