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Oliver K Feb 2014
tonight i listened
to an orchestra play
heavenly music.
each note that resinated from the strings
floated effortlessly through air
and hit my
body, mind, heart, and soul
with such force that
i felt at peace with life.
Oliver K Jan 2014
it's nearly 5 am
and my eyes are growing tired
and my body wants to sleep
and my mind wants to rest
but i ignore this all
because i am talking
to **you
Oliver K Oct 2013
in autumn
less leaves will
from trees to the earth
than the times i will
for you
Oliver K Oct 2013
I sail upon a turbulent sea
unsure of where I'm going.
The waves crashing all around
the wind above is blowing.
My men, well, they're all hiding,
frightened of the storm.
How tough and brave they did seem!
But how fast men can transform.

So I am alone up here,
left to bring this ship to shore.
I long to end this nightmare job
and to be on land once more.
To feel the grass beneath my feet
and to see the flowers bloom.
To see your face again, my love,
as I enter in the room.

But alas my safety is yet unknown
I am unsure of my fate.
I do not know when or if
I'll walk through the front gate.
If I do not make it back this time,
please wipe away the tears.
You'll hear me whisper soft and low
"I love you so much, my dear".
Oliver K Oct 2013
Drowning myself in a sea of nostalgia,
Flooding my brain with thoughts of the past,
Waves crash around me as slowly I’m swallowed,
Nothing remains, but the memories last.
Oliver K Oct 2013
Last night
I felt your warm breath
Oh my neck
And your body
Close to mine
And it was the best dream I ever had.

— The End —