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Olive Dyer Nov 2019
The mother, so carefully
She planted her precious seed
A beauty of her own
With a life she wanted to lead

Slowly each day
The little girl grew
An old soul she was
And everyone knew

With each passing year
She flourished in the rain
She thrived in the sun
But the years brought pain

Her soft petals
Her sweet smell
Made her vulnerable
It was easy for them to tell

Easily neglected
Comfortably brought down
Her heart weakened
So she wilted and frowned

And turning to the rain
She hoped it would guide
She listened to it closely
But the rain also lied

Her mother watched
As her sweet flower grew cold
Her petals, they browned
And far too soon, she grew old
Olive Dyer Nov 2019
All she had ever wanted
Was to finally be free
Free to dance
And herself to be

The night began
All dressed up and ready to go
And the final step
Was where the night was to blow

He put on her favorite songs
And poured the first shot
It seemed after seven
Was where she forgot

Everyone has their own story
Seemingly they loved to share
But how do they know
When they weren’t even there?

She woke up alone
Cold, ***** on her bed
A swollen black eye
And a pounding dizzy head

From this day on
She’s had to pay the price
But she didn’t want any of this
The night was going so nice...

No one really cared
There’s not even a chance
Alone, cold, and scared
When she just wanted to dance
Olive Dyer May 2019
It’s a house
And lately, finally, it’s home

Broken? maybe
What else?

But still, it is home.

And you, you’ve been my escape
From all the screams and tears
All the broken pieces

You became my home
To take me away from home

And just like my own,
We are now

I could leave
But why...why would I

when all I have to do
is watch the setting sun in that backyard filled with sunny, mocking memories

when all I have to do
is run my fingers through your hair
and stare into the eyes that manipulated me for so long

And I’m at home
Olive Dyer Apr 2019
I shove those metal doors open
At the very moment I shove away my cares

I step out onto the pavement
and stand stunned
as the sun hits me in the face with a big hello

I kick off my beaten, off-white shoes
And run to the soft green grass
Scrunching it between my toes

I look up at the flag
I pledged to every day
And watch it wave in the wind
And I wave goodbye

And then
the car pulls up
jump in
and burn out of there
Drive me away
Away from the end

Because this is the end I've been waiting for
To finally arrive at my beginning
Olive Dyer Feb 2019

Oh sweet red wine
I love to feel you
Drip down my throat
Make me love the night

You’re so harsh
Send my chest burning
Burn me
Until I can’t feel my skin

Until I can’t feel anything

Make me spin
Until I can’t see
Until I can’t see their face...

I don’t want to remember
Dear wine,

Whoever you are...
You’ll get the job done

Thank you for all that you do

Make me forget
Olive Dyer Feb 2019
I thought I knew....
Or at least I pretended to know,
Who you are.

Today, I woke up
To the sound of your mistakes
The beating and screaming
The laughing and sneering

The shock and disgust
Sends me running

But now...
Just let me in.
For the shock is over
And I’m ready to understand

Let me in.
Swallow me whole
Let me crawl
Under your skin
Never to breathe again

Let me swim
For God’s sake, let me drown
In your toxic blood
that has poisoned me for so long

And let me get lost
In the fog that crowds your mind
Never to see the light again

For I want to know
Every part of you
Even if it kills me
Olive Dyer Jan 2019
When the day has finally come
That I am kissed by death
Promise me one thing
As I take my last breath

Don’t let me waste away
Rotting into the earth...disgust
Burn me and set me to flames
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Spread me in the river
Where the water will always flow
Let it guide me through the land
And the world I used to know

Let my grave be the river
I promise it's for the best
Let me always be moving
for I never want to rest

And may you come back to the water
Should you ever miss me so much
Feel the river brush against your fingertips
And you will feel my touch
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