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Leprof Apr 2020
I wake up to a new day,
Rejoicing in a new way,
For gone the sorrows are of 'terday,

Happiness is all I want,
Joy is all I crave,
For without calls the grave,

In sorrow, ways to the grave paves,
Oooh dear, happiness we decry,
In the world today, more often than not many persons find there lives not to be a smooth highway for reasons; activities engineering happiness are never like them. They revel in engaging in acts that on higher side has joy short-lived.
Leprof Apr 2020
I will give Credit to my creator,
Without him I am but subject to the "Terminator"

My cogitation blurs,
I cry as my heart scars,

Blasphemy eked by men,
Inefficiency Kowtowed then,

I beseech thee to Ooze not,
Lethal sentiments
"Without him I am nothing"

Hush, HE is and forever will be,

Exasperate HIM not,
analyzing "without Him we are nothing".Someone may,or may not,
make this statement as a servile attempt to please Him.That is in itself good;it's giving all due credit
to GOD.But that statement is at best inefficient,and atworst blasphemous.It is attempting to
**** GOD by introducing a logic level that doesn't exist-without Him.God is,and forever,will be.We are
starting the long processof getting to without Him,for what the mind can conceive it can achieve.
The result is whoever makes that statement leaves GOD in a catch22.He is left wondering whether to
be happy or give you a smack on the face.

— The End —