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Ocean Damsel May 2014
The shadows within your eyes are my favorite hiding place.
There are tales of great thunderstorms and hurricanes,
But I have never experienced any tantrum of rain.
The fairy tales say your eyes are supposed
to be gold and glowing with joy at all times-
But you, my prince, have glowing eyes
Only when looking at her.
I memorize the shadows of your gray eyes
And avoid your occasional shimmering sunrises and sunsets.
She is your summer; I have always liked winter better.
Ocean Damsel May 2014
Her infatuation with the moon was intoxicating.
The way the reflection settled on her wide pupils in
the moments before my lips whispered over hers
With stories of my past.
She told me to conquer the world and grasp
All that could fit within my arms- which is how I got her.
Her breathes while she slept were my favorite lullaby
Because watching her sleep was better than any
Movie. Her lips always bled at night
Because during the day she would bite down on them
And the shards of the words falling unsaid would cut them.
She used to tell me to never get too attached to someone
Not worth tripping over;
I guess that's why when she left I
Ended up on the ground.
Ocean Damsel Mar 2014
My head pounds and I wonder if
My brain is overfilling with thoughts
of you;
So many that it has reached
If you do one more cute thing,
My mind may just explode.
Ocean Damsel Mar 2014
My mother always told me to be
innocent to get into heaven.
She never told me to avoid the ****
with the wicked smile
And the evilly delicious eyes.
She told me to desire a Godly man
but never warned me of
The boy with burning fingertips that
left ashes of lust behind.
She informed me to never lose trust
in God,
And I didn't; Praying for God to
grant me a
Perfectly sinful boy, with crisp blue
eyes and a decadent smile;
One to kiss away the pain.
Then God gave me you.
Ocean Damsel Mar 2014
The whispers of your dreams
Invade my ears as I watch your
eyelids kiss with each new breath.
I wonder if you dream about me the way
I dream of you and
How your smile lights up the entire
classroom without effort.
When your eyes wander around the
paper in front of you
And the only solution to the questions
Written on the sheet of white
Are doodles of stars and your signature.
The outline of your lips morph random words
Yet I laugh because I imagine
Them saying 'I love you' after
Catching me staring and you sleeping.
My dreams consist of everything I
could possibly fathom,
But I'll never know the dreams of
The boy sitting next to me
In a classroom full of vacant people.
Ocean Damsel Mar 2014
The screams from my pillow are
trying to escape.
They bellow in my ear the demons'
Of the precious stealing of my soul;
My mind can only handle so much
The only cure is your tender touch,
Your fingertips burn away the
whispers of Lucifer hidden within
my freckles.
Your breath of love on my neck
conquers the welcoming breath
of death,
And suddenly-
While my lips trace the line of yours,
Life doesn't seem so bad.
Ocean Damsel Mar 2014
I wish my eyes could paint
The beauty of you but
I would never get the color of your eyes right
When they are filled with wonder.
You look at the stars while I gaze at you,
The same fascination guiding my eyes
To discover the constellations the
Freckles create on your jawline.
Or the rosy hue of your cheeks
On a brisk October morning
After your jog, breathless yet filled
With more energy
By 7 AM than a cup of coffee
As dark as the leaves you tousle,
Leaving a tornado of fire behind in your trail
Like the hurricane of fall has crossed your path and you
Have knocked it down before it stepped on your cape.
The rich color of your laughter always stumped me,
Because it was neither loyal to my joke,
Nor cautious as the rising sun,
It was golden.
Like braiding rays of glee and love into a solitary strand
Of pure contentment.
You were happiest in the lightest shade of blue
When the sparrows would sing
And the bees would dance with your ears.
The tint of your sun kissed lips
Doesn't match the shade of the many sunsets
You witnessed with the same innocent fascination
That the whole world is good,
Even if just at that moment.
The baptism of your morning voice into my ears
Is as childish as your wandering fingers,
Tickling me as your golden chuckle
Paints a new canvas for my mind to display
Within the gallery that is you.
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