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 Oct 2016 Oby
Gary L
 Oct 2016 Oby
Gary L
solely engrossed, slow to emotions
prone to be a soul that is broken
lowly focus, frozen devotion
vocal notions erode when unspoken

(doing fine, i lie with a smile
while i fight my own quiet trial
i clear my head, i'm alright for a while
a mind that is clear is a mind in denial)

goal, avoidance of a throat opened
my vocal notions will go unspoken
choking on the voices stolen
prone to be a soul that is broken
I was ready to quit this site, but all the support that I have received while I wasn't even active has changed my mind. Thanks to all who have read my writing. Hugs to you all!
 Oct 2016 Oby
anonymous winds
bend tall Timothy grasses,
wake rabbits napping
in the brush

they ripple the surface
of the stock tanks, tickle the haunches
of the beasts who wade there
to slurp the tepid waters

they birth red dust devils
for my eyes to follow, as they scud
through mesquite, and hopscotch over canyons
older than time

one day, soon, they will blow
over a shallow earth bed; I will not hear
their sibilant song, but my sleep will be deep,
unperturbed by their mystic music
 Oct 2016 Oby
To You
 Oct 2016 Oby
To feel you without touch,
to see you without vision,
to taste you without tongue,
to clash without collision.

To breathe you without lungs,
to savor without scent,
to listen without sound,
to sin without repent.

To live without a life,
to calm without a breath,
to fall without a break,
to die without a death.
I'll be saving my love for you.
© Nicole ***
 Oct 2016 Oby
 Oct 2016 Oby
For you I have intense, strict and pure infatuation.
Pursue me, and I'll pursue you,
not a single hesitation.
I'm guilty of addiction, an explicit imagination,
and crave just an ounce of forbidden *******.
This yearning I possess, do you see a correlation?
Your body is my temple and this poem's inspiration.
© Nicole ***
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