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Nothing rhymes May 2023
Even though we were together for the shortest time
It was the best season of my life
When I bloomed
Thrived and found myself
Now that it is over I shall continue to grow.
I want nothing more than the same for you.
Nothing rhymes May 2023
You need to have felt loved
at some point in your life
for u to know
how to love yourself.
Thanks to you,
I know what it means to feel loved.
Now I can start trying to love myself,
since you left.
Nothing rhymes May 2023
Do you think, maybe
we could be the kind of exes
who check up on each other
once in a while?
Because I have been talking to you
in my head, with myself
for so long,
and it's difficult to be in touch with reality.
Maybe if I text and you reply,
it would shatter this delusion.
Nothing rhymes May 2023
Of all my lovers I pined over,
Made art, poetry,
turned all my love into colours and words and music,
You are the only one I never wrote about,
I never had to draw my feelings on paper.
Our love was as basic as breathing air,
it is always there right in front of us,
as clear as you and me and just as infeffeble.
Nothing rhymes May 2023
I love all of you,
all of your love for all of your lovers in the past.
I love how u loved each one of them.
I love how u loved me.
Nothing rhymes Jun 2021
Ideal partners aren't people who share the same values
Or even the same opinions
They are the ones that love even when the opinions differ
Ones who support the other even when they dont belive in the things they do
Ones that forgive even when they make the same mistakes again and again
You dont always have to agree with the people you like
You dont always have to like the people you love
Nothing rhymes Jun 2021
We keep ourselves distracted
From the noises, voices in and around us
Escaping into songs, screens and conversations
But what happens when the music ends
To the thoughts we have so cautiously brushed aside
The constant reminders lurking around the corner
Are we truly free from them
Or are we still running away

Connections give the strength to go through another day without being consumed
But it is in solitude
that true healing takes place

In allowing yourself to feel every ounce of pain,
In feeling every bit of love that comes your way,
In sitting with it channelling them through words,
through brush strokes, into music
We create meaning, make sense of the world
It is in solitude
that we make art.
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