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carson Mar 22
I don’t understand how people… live. It’s amazing to me that people wake up every morning and say: ‘Yeah, another day, let’s do it.’ How do people do it? I don’t know how.
carson Mar 15
My therapist asked,
"How do you prepare for your day?"
I simply replied
"i count my lies and find my mask."
carson Mar 9
The sky cry’s
A scream of frantic worship
You pant the bitter wind
As rain and sea rip into me
Smearing blood over the rocks
I let the storm crush me.
  Mar 5 carson
It took me two years to make you feel my love.

and it only took you three seconds to tell me I wasn't enough.
carson Feb 27
When she puts her arms around you,
she will make you feel safe,
but rarely will she take you in her arms.
she will call you late at night
when the radio is playing her favorite song
and tell you how much it reminds her of you.
But these are the same songs
that she has dedicated to those before you.
Listen to her when she is crying
its one of the only times
she will tell you the truth.
she will pretend to understand you, and you'll believe her
when she says she loves all your flaws.
she will tell you she wants all
the same things you do, but she doesn't.
she doesn't know what she wants.
she will tell you
that you are the only thing she needs, but you aren't.
she will want others.
she will believe she is always right
even when she's not and you know she's not,
but you'll stop arguing anyway.
you'll stay because her selfishness and her recklessness
don't seem less than ordinary.
Everyone around you will constantly say how beautiful she is,
a work of art, someone extraordinary.
Until the day she shows the true colors underneath her mask.
They will be dark and dangerous and in your hesitation,
you might survive.
You might just dodge a bullet.
For the person who loves her next,
Because i couldn't.
carson Feb 25
In our rib cage lies our heart
But people can reach inside and cause chaos.
When this happens
Remind yourself that you are not a burden.
carson Feb 25
you stabbed my back,
it spewed the lies I told
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