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Maka Jan 26
You would run into a fire for me.
You would gladly burn if it meant I was safe.
But you would not lay with me in all my brokenness.
You would not reassure me over and over to quell my demons.
And perhaps that is when I need you most.
Maka Mar 2021
You never hit me,
But I shake in fear when I think I see you in a crowd.
Abuse doesn't have to be physical. 2 years later and I'm still terrified that I'll run into you somewhere.
Maka Aug 2020
I held your hand
You broke mine
I kissed your face
You spat in mine
I only ever had your best interests at heart
You had your best interests at heart too
I was good for you
And all you did was make me cry
If you are so convinced that I was the problem then please leave me alone.
Maka May 2020
You planted me
And when i popped my head out of the ground
I never grew tall enough for you
I never bore enough fruit
I did not have enough flowers
And somehow it was my fault
Even though you planted me
And most days, i wish you hadn't
Maka May 2020
He came back when I was flying
Just to try to pull me down to hell again
But I am stronger this time
And I am too high up for him to reach
I pulled myself out of hell, I'm not going to let you drag me back just because you're bored
Maka Oct 2019
Is the glass half empty or half full?
It's funny how people talk about it in relation to life,
But never in relation to how people view others.
It seems to me that to everyone else, I have always been half empty.
Always something missing.
Always half empty.
Never good enough.
Maka Jul 2019
You cut me so deeply,
And then spat on my wounds.
And yet, when you scrape your knee,
I have to fight the urge to come running.
I still want you to be okay.
Seems like I'm dying either way.
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