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Nivey Jun 2015
You and I can we feel
The morning mist hand in hand
Can we traverse the silent speak
That we never had

I’ll sprawl my lips on your neck
Bite the hints
Of perfume after taste
Muddled with your skin
See your pores erupt
The trickling down of the mythic mead
From your rivers, deep within

Delve in the night of your groin
All the churning
Wonder where it’s coming from
With my magic fingers trace your breast
Ask them what they are yearning for.

Spinning in the spirals of ecstasy
In the deep mystical realm of transcendence
Feel the fingers slowing sliding slithery in my sensuous curves
Coronating me in the kingdom of pleasure

Senses blur , spinning and spinning in the widening gyre of desire
Reaching the crescendo of bliss
Tasting my  bodyscape and detonating the fuses lurking all over
Phallus stroking, fondling, searching in the depths of my cave for the shrine
Nuzzling and rubbing the fuses again... and again...again... and again rapidly, with urgency, with haste, seeping in and out of the precious mount in a bull's exigency
Exploding  in the zenith of  rapture.
Nivey Jun 2015
You are walking all alone
There is one you want
Haunted by visions, deluded by voices
Stung by vengeance, anger, illusions
Many serpents crawl up offering the forbidden apples
Which tastes sweeter.
All bonds broken - open the floodgates gushing
Emotions run deep ..deep into the dark abyss of the mind
Into the dark world of nocturnal
meet the hungry eyes glowing in the dark
hastened pulses, the pregnant breath of lust
Passions and Pulses run high
Pushing the realms of the carnal pleasure
Flesh overpowers all the senses
Youth subdues consciousnesses
submitting to the moment
****** into the vacuum of deception
**** your soul out of your soul
Blood out of your blood
Breath out of your breath
Light out of light
All you get is emptied darkness
Leaving you in the midst of a deafening silence - of an ocean of darkness.

O! the eternal night.
Nivey Jun 2015
Born into this carnival of rust
Fancying  for your touch
Fancying  for your love
All I see around is dancing to the rhythms of lust
Blown away by the winds of infernal heat
Colors bleed in the rain of angst
Desiring for your touch
Desiring for your love
Emptiness fills the vacuum created by life
When life was swept away by the waves of gust.
In the chaos, eying the gates of carnival of rust.
Drenched in the muddy slush of pain
Thirsting for your touch
Thirsting for your love
Caught up in the maze of a cruel game
At the end of which stands the gate.
Walls of vast abysmal expanse of mind, closing in
Encumbered by the dust of fears
vision blinded by the smog of illusions
ears assaulted by jarring sounds of confusion
Craving  for your touch
Craving for your love
Don’t turn away.

— The End —