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Malin Nilsen Oct 2017
One day,
I woke up and felt
an elusive growth
inside of me.

Something is growing wings,
wanting to fly with joy.

I wrapped my arms around my own body,
for I am still scared
of heights.
Malin Nilsen Jun 2017
My strength
is stronger
than this pain
is painful.
Malin Nilsen Jun 2017
And in a garden of thorns,
you are the only rose I see.
Malin Nilsen May 2017
I remember the first time I saw him.
His radiance stole the breath from my lungs,
as if I was outside the atmosphere.
I got lost exploring the galaxies of his eyes,
and I got pulled into his pupils
like a pair of black holes.

His smile revealed a cluster of bright stars.
I wanted to explore his body,
as if he was the surface of Mars.
His laughter caused a supernova in my heart,
the strength of his gravity could tear me apart.
We danced and orbited each other all night,
then we went home to learn about the Big Bang.
Malin Nilsen Apr 2017
Two sugars,
two creams,
turns my black bitter coffee
into a memory of you
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